Users Speak

Justin Vijay Jesudas

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"Before NeoBolt, I had to use my car to travel to my parent's place, who stay just 5 minutes away. I had to transfer into the car and take someone's help to carry the wheelchair in and out of the car. With NeoBolt, I can go there independently. And the feeling of fresh air hitting your face while driving NeoBolt is the true sign of freedom and independence."

Baljeet Kaur

Hyderabad, Telangana

"I have been using a wheelchair for 37 years and I had back pain. Within six months of using NeoFly, I could rid myself of back pain. I also went and participated in a sports tournament, where I did the javelin throw. Another feature I love about NeoFly is its compact size. Earlier, I had to remove the footrest of my wheelchair to enter the lift. With NeoFly, I enter the lift easily, without any hassle."

Satish Pangarkhar

Jalna, Maharashtra

"I never used to mingle with others with my old wheelchair. I did not feel confident about myself earlier. With NeoFly, I feel confident about myself. My dream of talking to people is finally happening. And I have made new friends."

Ankur Das

Kolkata, West Bengal

"After a series of correspondence through emails and telephonic conversations with Ankur, NeoMotion delivered the wheelchair. The wheelchair has been built according to Ankur's needs and preferences. Even the colour of the chair is of Ankur's liking. And while an imported chair costs between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh, this came at a significantly affordable price."

Sailesh Kumar

Gaya, Bihar

"NeoBolt can be attached to NeoFly wheelchair easily. It is strong and rugged and can be driven through uneven roads and potholes. I don't fear anything, I can go anywhere !"

Kunilata Barik

Cuttack, Odisha

"I use my wheelchair for 8 - 10 hours in a day. NeoFly offers a great posture and is very smooth to propel. While I am on NeoFly, people notice me and not my wheelchair. My self-confidence has increased a lot!"

Nikhil Gupta


"Comfortable, Easy to Propel, Looks good! All spare parts are available. I recommend NeoMotion to all wheelchair users in India."


Calicut, Kerala

"This chairs' design is better than other foreign brands that I have used. Your initiative is great."

Santhosh Ranjagane


"I have played three tournaments on the NeoFly wheelchair, representing the Maharashtra team, and won two Best Bowler of the Tournament and the Man of the Match awards. This also resulted in my selection into the Indian national wheelchair cricket team. It is faster than my old wheelchair and I am extremely comfortable on it. It is truly a word class wheelchair!"